Our CEO - J.R. United


SALO GROSFELD - President & CEO of JRUnited Industries.

Born In Havana Cuba July 6th 1960, raised in Miami Beach Florida. A Cuban American Jew, Married with 7 kids and 4 grand kids. President of J.R. United Industries since graduating from University of Miami in 1982, Salo has been in the sheet and towel business all his life. J.R.United Industries at its peak was a 150 million dollar sheet and towel company started by his father in 1967.

  • 1987 Volunteer with Cousteau Society doing research on Blue Holes at small hope bay in the Bahamas. Also help develop a ancient Batik printing on the island for a fabric line called Androsia making apparel, and home products. In 1997 Help Launch The Martha Stewart program at Kmart by being one of 5 vendors to make product.
  • 2002 J.C. Penney Vendor of the Year
  • Received Congress Mention for charity work done in Afghanistan. Invited to have Lunch with President and Laura Bush in the White House.
  • 2004 buys Sure Fit a 225 million dollar slipcover maker that was in bankruptcy and had 85 % market share returned it to profitability in 4 months.
  • 2005 Developed the Casa Cristina line of home products in grow it to over 100 million in 3 years
  • 2011 Mourning Family Foundation Board of Director
  • 2012 Acquired textile manufacturing plant in Guatemala with a vision of bringing the textile manufacturing industry back into the Western Hemisphere including USA eventually.
  • 2013 started a Brand Havana1960 for high end fashion Beach products.
  • 2014 Created Vizcaya brand for high end Hotels Linens, Sheets,Towels,Pool towels,Lounge chair covers and Wearable towels.
  • 2015 Appointed to FRLA board of Directors
  • 2016 Started Hotelier United a Linen rental and laundry company.

- "Making the best sheets and towels In the World!"