Our Founder
Julio Grosfeld 1938-2010

JRUnited founder Julio Grosfeld The Best Sheets and Towels in the world

Julio Reinerman Grosfeld was born in Cuba in 1938, to parents who had fled from Germany to escape the Holocaust. In 1959 When Castro came to power he himself lost everything and was forced to leave his wife and one year old son behind while he drove a Taxi cab in Miami. It took Julio 6 months, but finally he made enough money to bring his family over. In the early 60's while working as a musical engineer installing sound systems in hotels, restaurants and offices Julio was hospitalized with pneumonia. While still in the hospital his boss called him and told him he had to get out of bed and make a service call to the Doral Hotel. At that moment Julio quit his job and vowed that one day he would start his own business and be his own boss. 

In 1967 Julio was working as a traveling salesman selling bedspreads out of the trunk of his car. One day while on a sales call he realized this was the opportunity he had been waiting for. He could go to the manufacturers directly and sell for himself, and with that very thought JR united Industries was born. 

JR was built in the south during the 60's when prejudice of Jews and Hispanics was high, but Julio believed swimming against the tide was a way of life and that the great country that we live in gives everyone the opportunity to succeed if they are willing to work hard no matter their background or where they are from.